Caravan Storage at The Beehive

Storage details and terms in brief

12 month contract only, with one annual payment of £360.00.

A charge of £5.00 in and £5.00 out will apply when not staying on site.

No access to storage area under any circumstances, if visit to van required, it will be brought out onto site behind our electric barrier system and secured with your hitch/wheel locks as per your insurance policy.

Your van must be on your own insurance at all times.

Collection and drop off times

Will be within our office hours of 9.30-5.00 Monday to Saturday, 9.30-4.00 Sundays, this also applies to visits.

Book early for your on site pitch. When you stay onsite normal tariffs apply but as a storage customer you won't pay for awnings or dogs (max of 2 dog).

Minimum 48 hours notification must be given on all movements


(Caravan washing service available)

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